Paul is a superprofessional, hard working, quick and most important of all he is talented and creative. Every edit that I've ever taken to him has turned out far better in the edit than I ever expected. Most important of all, Paul is a pleasure to hang out with for week after week in the edit suite. As you may already have guessed by this point, I highly recommend him. Grab him quick before someone else does.

Nigel Simpkiss


BBC Top Gear.


Paul is a very clever Editor. He is creative, fast, technically brilliant and a great problem solver. He also cares a great deal about each project. He has cut behind the scenes documentaries for the feature films Paul, Scott Pilgrim and Attack the Block and they have all been hugely engaging and funny. I strongly recommend him.

Christina Lesbirel

Production Executive

Big Talk Productions


Paul is without exception, and by a very large margin, the best editor I have ever worked with (and I've worked with a great many over twenty years, including working for The BBC and ITV Channel 4 etc). He combines a superb ability to make editorial and artistic judgements, with a consummate command of every side of the technical elements of film and video. He is accomplished in animation, effects, 3D graphics as well as the essentials of editing. He is able to craft a film to fit perfectly, with the ambitions and targetaudience always in mind. He is quite brilliant with music, comedy, and edit pacing. He's also a really good collaborator, and a

thoroughly nice bloke. In short, I can recommend Paul without any hesitation, and without reservation, to anyone lucky enough to work with him!

Nick Bye

Film and Theatre Director


I have worked with Paul for over a decade on all levels of programmes from documentary to commercials, massive screen event films to quirky animations. He is such an extraordinary talent that any producer that uses him once, struggles to find a replacement, which is why I cannot recommend him to any other producers as I do not want to loose him. If you do get him on your project however, you will be in the hands of one of the best in the industry.

Michael Richards

Senior Producer at Jack Morton Worldwide


Paul is slightly unusual as an editor in that he doesn't just edit. This creative skills involve all aspects of post production from design right through to the final grade. His graphics are fantastic and have brought life to many a program. His skills in the audio department are pretty handy and technically brilliant too. I have worked with Paul over last 12 years on many very large projects and his contribution has always been immense.

For reasons of self interest, (his availability) I don't like recommending him but fear I have too in which case I cant recommend him highly enough.

Richard Crombie

Film and Commercials Director


I have worked with Paul on many occasions. Apart from being a great talent, he is ferociously hard working and extremely skilful.

He has the ability to coax the maximum drama or comedy out of any material and he ain't half bad at graphics, either. He is delight to work with.

George Milton

Film Director


I own and run a production company called Glover Films. We shoot commercials and Paul has been a significant element in the creative output of certain projects the company has undertaken over our 12 years in production. Always reliable, Paul is impressively organised and all over the material. Experienced and controlled, he will find time in the tightest of schedules to inject creativity and flair.

He is one of the best editors working in this section of the business at the moment.

Laurence Glover

Producer / MD

Glover Films Ltd

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